Protective Clothing Suit

* Safeguard: This disposable anti-epidemic antibacterial plastic cap isolation suit is a full-body integrated cover design, which can provide comprehensive protection, one-piece zipper is easy to access, cuffs and trousers have elastic bands at the brim, which can provide Effective protection, long front zip, elastic cuffs, waist, ankle and hood, high-density stitching, to provide a higher standard of protection.
* Safety fabric: using flash technology, reinforced composite film plus PP non-woven material, is elastic, tough and durable, effectively prevents the invasion of bacteria, pesticides and dust, and the safety factor is increased by 99.99%.
* Light, breathable bodysuit fabric creates a cool and comfortable working environment. Before entering the dangerous environment of bacterial and viral infection, you must wear a full-body hooded jumpsuit.
* Dustproof and waterproof, anti-permeation barrier, anti-blood penetration, anti-static.
* Widely used: special experiments, food workshops, disinfection and radiation protection, product testing, etc. It can effectively isolate the splash of oral foam in the workplace and other surrounding environments. Iron filings, crushed stones, chemical splashes, etc. will produce a small amount of sharp splash impact.

Size Height Range (CM) Weight Range (KG)
M 160-165 50-55
L 165-170 55-60
Below XL 175 60-70
2XL 180 or less 70-80
3XL below 190 80-90
Material: PP / SMS non-woven fabric
Type: Disposable, non-reusable
Packing size: about 30 * 25 * 2cm
Package weight: about 250g

Tip: Take the initiative to protect yourself, wash your hands frequently, maintain oral hygiene and wear a mask!

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